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Image by Jaime Casap

Revolutionising Vineyard Technology

Scalable Innovation in Precision Viticulture

Vineyard Automation Solutions

Vineyard farming stands at a complex crossroad. Rising operational and capital costs, labour scarcity, and the relentless pursuit of quality wine have become challenges of the modern-day vineyard farmer.
At the same time, the world is in the middle of an AI and Robotics revolution. Cordon is bringing the best of this new technology to vineyards, reducing costs and allowing better, more sustainable farming.

Image by Andrea Cairone

Farmer Focused

We get it. We can say from personal experience and actual blisters that being a vineyard farmer is really hard! For most, vineyard farming isn't just about growing grapes; it's about passion for the environment, and delivering a quality product. It's about battling escalating costs, dwindling labour availability, and persistent pests and diseases. The market craves quality, and so do you.

Cordon is here to navigate these complexities with you. Cordon's solutions are reliable, robust, cost effective, and integrate seamlessly with your current machinery and day-to-day operations. We understand what you care about, because we care about it too.

Why we're different

 We are pioneering a shift in pesticide spraying by rethinking the basics, enabling low-power, high-precision application. Our precision technology doesn't just mitigate problems—it offers tangible cost savings and ensures a greener, more efficient future. Because for us, it's not just business; it's personal.


The solid, permanent wood structure that supports new growth on a grapevine. 

The cordon, or "arms", of the grapevine extend from the trunk and are the part where additional arms and eventually leaves and grape clusters extend. The cordons are usually trained along supporting wires as part of a trellis system. This training usually fixes the cordon into a permanent position, such as horizontal extending from the trunk.

Meet the Team

Our dream at Cordon is to shape the most farmer-centric technology, illuminating the path to better farming with intelligent choices.

Interested in joining us?

We want to hear from you! Whether you'd like to join the team or you're an environmentally conscious grower, we'd love to hear from you!

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