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We care about our people as much as we care about our farmers. That’s why we’re always looking to hire people whose ideas and energy align with our mission. We believe our job is to empower you to focus on what you do best, whatever your field of expertise.

Senior Electronics Engineer

Lead the development of the electronic systems at the heart of our innovation.


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Define and refine the mechanical systems in our innovative machinery.


Industrial Design & Engineering Intern

Product development from concept to full scale, functional prototypes.


CFD Modelling Intern

CFD simulations to analyse fluid flow within our sprayer.


Agricultural Science Intern

Planning and execution of research projects and field trials.


Marketing & Community Intern

Building and nurturing our community of innovative growers.


Sustainability Funding (Grants) Intern

Securing funding that supports our groundbreaking projects.

Get in Touch

Interested in future vacancies? We're always interested to hear from talented, motivated individuals. If this sounds like you, drop us a line at

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